Govt establishes visiting facility for Male', Hulhumale' prison inmates

The government have established private family visiting (PFVs) facility for the inmates of Hulhumale’ and Male’ prison. The PFVs are provided to people who are married.

The PFVs facility that is established in Hulhumale' was inaugurated by Commissioner of Prisons, Ahmed Mohamed Fulhu on Wednesday.

Correctional Services said that the purpose of establishment of the private family visiting facility is to address the current space constraints issue in arranging the PFVs. With the establishment of the new facility, PFVs will be provided twice monthly for 24 hours per inmate.

PFVs will be provided to the inmates, people under arrest and people on remand, according to the amendments brought to 'right to humane facilities and conditions', said Corrections.

Request for PFVs shall be submitted to Male’ Jail between 8:30 to 14:30 on the official working days.