Opposing PPM fields candidate for Addu mayor

Opposing Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) has revealed that former President of the Volleyball Association Mohamed Latheef will be representing the party in the upcoming council elections as a contender for Addu City's mayoral post.

Latheef confirmed the statement and said he would submit his candidacy papers to the Elections Commission on Thursday. He further stated that he chose to contend for this particular post as he aimed to change the current situation of Addu City.

Latheef will be facing off against main-ruling MDP’s former Hithadhoo Dhekunu MP Ali Nazir in the election.

Nazir attained the party ticket out of three others who had applied for the post in the party primary; Ahmed Ahmed, Ali Nizar, and Abdulla Sodiq, who had formerly filled the post for the past nine years.

Both major parties have made it evident that they will be active participants in contesting for seats in all city, atoll, and island councils in the local council elections slated for April 4, 2020.