Child Protection law in effect

The child protection bill submitted by the government took effect at 12:00 AM on February 20, 2020.

The bill approved by the Parliament was ratified by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on November 20 this year. According to the law, the Bill would become effective within three months from the date of ratification. This falls on Thursday, 12:00 AM.

The objective of the law is to propagate and ensure the enforcement of child protection through national organizations and other such associations.

Moreover, providing the care and safety essential for a child, and assuring that children and families in need of aid are guaranteed help and support is included in this as well. As per the law, this can be attained by distinguishing the role of the caregivers, society, and state in fulfilling these objectives.

As such, the Bill establishes the age of fifteen as the point at which children must lift criminal responsibility. In addition, other such internal matters would be regarded by the Department of Juvenile Justice.

The law mainly revolves around the attainment of child protection and safety through national policies, including the establishment of foster care and other similar forms of state-funded care. On the flip side, the law also takes into account that justice be brought upon those who neglect, abuse, or take advantage of children.

The child protection Bill has been introduced at critical time in which numerous child sexual abuse cases have been surfacing.