Petition calling to take strict measures for child protection submitted at parliament

A newly formed Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) advocating for the rights of children has submitted a petition to the parliament calling to take swift actions and enhance measures to protect and safeguard children that are victims of abuse.

A statement issued by Voice of Children (VoC) expressing concern on a recent case of child abuse stated that the number of abuse cases were on the rise due to continued negligence and failure on the government's part.

Therefore, they are calling on the government to take strict actions against perpetrators involved in such cases, said VoC. The petition was forwarded to Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed with the support of Mohamed Rasheed, MP of Machchangoalhi ward of Male’ on Tuesday, said VoC.

The petition calls to implement six measures; to amend the existing Children’s Acts, to take action against the President of Human Rights Commission, Aminath Eanaz for neglecting children’s issues and to dismiss her from the post, and to investigate the actions of Head of Child Protection Unit, Hassan Haneef of the police and Assistant Police Commissioner Mohamed Riyaz.

VoC has said that they will be closely monitoring the progress of the parliament regarding the petition.