Transport Ministry ordered to halt employing new staff

Employment Tribunal has ordered Civil Service Commission to temporarily halt appointing new employees to replace nine employees who were terminated from the Transport Ministry.

Several employees of the ministry were terminated last month, which prompted a lot of debate on the issue. Transport Minister Aishath Nahula was summoned to a parliament committee, where she asserted that all of the employees were terminated lawfully and under due procedure.

However, nine out of eleven employees challenged their termination at the Employment Tribunal, and requested for an order to stop CSC from appointing new employees to replace them until the case is concluded.

The tribunal granted their request, stating that the rights of the terminated employees may be infringed if new employees are appointed in their place before the conclusion of the case. In the case it concludes in favour of the terminated employees, they cannot be reinstated to their posts if new people have been appointed, said the order.

With these points in consideration, the three-member tribunal ordered to halt any efforts to seek new employees.