Accident in Fuvahmulah injures two

An accident that occurred when a motorbike crashed into a pushcart injured two people on Sunday night.

The incident occured in Dhiguvaadu ward of Fuvahmulah city, a single island city located on the south of the archipelago.

The police said the accident occurred when a motorbike that was driving from east to west hit the pushcart along the way.

The driver of the motorbike was an elderly man with a 16-year-old girl in the backseat. While both the driver and the person handling the pushcart sustained large injuries, the 16 year old child escaped the incident unscathed. The person handling pushcart sustained injuries to his legs, arms and head while the motorbike driver’s shoulderblade was fractured in the incident.

Both persons are being treated at Fuvahmulah hospital, and will be transferred to Male’ for further treatment.