Covid-19 testing upto WHO standard: IGMH

Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) has stated that the testing for the Covid-19 is carried on as per the World Health Organisation (WHO) standard.

The main government hospital, IGMH issued a statement on Monday stating that any sample that the hospital takes for laboratory testing is dealt with caution considering that it might be harmful even if it is not suspected of a dangerous disease. In that sense, all the necessary protective measures are taken when handling the samples.

Similarly, Covid-19 test samples are handled with, following WHO protocols and standards.

“The hospital management pays great attention to the safety of the employees,” said IGMH.

Testing for Covid-19 was arranged in the Maldives about two weeks back, and a patient who was getting treatment at IGMH for pneumonia was tested for Covid-19 which came back negative, said Health Ministry.

Authorities state the death toll due to the virus has now reached 3000 across the globe and 90% of them are from China, where it initially originated. It has now been reported that the deaths of the people infected with the virus have been identified from 10 other countries. Among them, the most number of people are from Iran, totalling 50 deaths while in Italy 30 people have died.

According to WHO, the total number of people infected with the virus has reached 90,000, and it is rapidly spreading to various corners of the globe.