Sufficient supply of essentials available: Kuredu Resort

Kuredu Island Resort has assured that the island has a sufficient supply of essentials, and that the health and wellbeing of their guests and employees remain their primary priority.

Two expatriate employees of Kuredu Island Resort tested positive to COVID-19 on Saturday. They contracted the virus from an Italian tourist who recently holidayed at the resort, and had tested positive for the virus upon his return to Italy. Therefore, a lockdown has been initiated at the resort to prevent the spread of the virus. All guests and employees will remain on the island and follow advice and guidance of the Maldives HPA and Tourism Ministry. Contact tracing is currently ongoing to identify those who had come in contact with the infected persons.

In a statement released Sunday, the resort said their responsibility to their guests and employees remain paramount. They added that the temporary restrictive measures will continue until such time that the authorities release the island from its quarantine period. There will be no flights in or out of the island until then, said the resort.

Noting that the island is well stocked with essentials, Kuredu Resort said they are confident of the care being provided to their guests and employees.

All direct and transit flights to Italy have been indefinitely suspended. Work is underway to arrange the departure of Italian tourists currently in the Maldives.