Aasandha company to assist Maldivians stranded in India

The government insurance company Aasandha has stated that the company will bear the expenses of Maldivians who are in India for medical purposes until they can return to the Maldives.

Aasandha took the decision following the Indian government’s suspension of International flights to the country and national carrier Maldivian ceasing its flights to India due to COVID-19 pandemic. With the suspension of international flights to India, many Maldivians are stranded in India and have been raising concern over the issue.

The company on Saturday said the company will bear the daily expenses of Maldivians currently in India for medical purposes jointly with National Social Protection Agency (NSPA) until they are able to return to Maldives. The company will be corresponding with High Commission of the Maldives in India.

Some Maldivian in India said that they were at the airport on Saturday after assurance was received that the Maldivian airline will take them back to the country. However, after they reached the airport, it was informed the flights were cancelled, and they were held stranded at the airport for quite some time. They faced challenges as they had already checked out from their accommodations and had to arrange other accommodation before leaving the airport.

The Maldives High Commission in India has said that they are closely checking the condition of the Maldivians held back in India.