Police fines 3 cafes for violating restrictions

Three cafes have been fined for violating the government’s temporary ban on the closure of cafes and restaurants.

Effective from 0000 hours last Saturday night, the government has banned dine-in services in cafes and restaurants as a measure to contain the spread of COVID-19. However, take-away services are allowed.

The police have been patrolling the capital Male’ region to ensure such businesses adhere to the government's orders.

The police said three cafes were fine MVR 5000 per offence; one on 22 March and two on 24 March.

Two cafes have also been fined for offering shisha service. Shisha services at cafes has also been temporarily banned; a move that came into effect before the closure of catering services. Health experts say smoking shisha increase the chance of contracting viruses including coronavirus.