COVID-19: Govt repatriates 100 Maldivian nationals in Sri Lanka

The Maldives government has repatriated 100 Maldivian nationals stranded in neighbouring Sri Lanka.

The Public Relations Manager of Maldivian Airlines, Moosa Waseem said a chartered flight of national carrier Maldivian flew to Sri Lanka and returned carrying 100 people stranded in Sri Lanka. Tickets for the flight were sold for MVR 4,626.

As per the measures taken in the Maldives to contain the virus, all inbound travelers who returns from abroad have to be quarantined in designated facilities for 14 days. Thus, all those people who have arrived in the Maldives from Sri Lanka on Sunday night have been quarantined, and they will be released after 14 days if they test negative for the COVID-19.

The government said it is looking to repatriate other Maldivian nationals stranded in difference countries.