COVID-19: Maldivians in Sri Lanka to be repatriated

The Maldives government on Sunday announced that Maldivian nationals in Sri Lanka will be evacuated and brought back to Maldives on June 10.

The Foreign Ministry said a Sri Lankan airlines flight has been arranged to bring back the Maldivian citizens, and seat priority will be given to those stranded in Sri Lanka due to lockdown measures while visiting for medical purposes, students who have been unable to come back to Maldives after graduating from their courses and those who traveled to Sri Lanka as tourists. The Foreign Ministry said the opportunity to come back to Maldives will also be extended to those who need to relocate to Maldives due to financial circumstances and those who wish to return to their country for other reasons.

Noting that the seating capacity is limited, it is likely that all who wish to return may not be able to purchase seats on the first flight, but their repatriation will be arranged via future flights. The ministry confirmed that additional flights will be arranged to Sri Lanka.