Maldives repatriates 103 locals stranded overseas

The government has repatriated 103 Maldivians stranded in different countries on Sunday.

Speaking to AVAS, Foreign Ministry’s Director of Communications Miuvan Ahmed said Maldivians residing in Belarus, United Kingdom (UK), and Sri Lanka arrived in the Maldives on Sunday morning.

“Among the people residing in Sri Lanka, only the people the government had been financially assisting were repatriated due to limited seating capacity”, said Miuvan.

Miuvan said 48 Maldivians residing in Belarus, 23 Maldivians residing in the UK, and 32 Maldivians residing in Sri Lanka arrived on Sunday.

The government has been repatriating Maldivians who wish to return to the Maldives after discussion with the respective countries while the countries are in lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic. As per the protocols, those arriving in the Maldives have to be placed in quarantine for 14 days