City Council seeks info on expats in Male' area

Male' City Council is collecting information on expatriates living in Male' area.

The City Council initiated the efforts in order to prepare for any work that may become necessary in the face of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Having such information on hand at the time of crisis would be helpful to facilitate any assistance required by expatriates in critical situations.

In this regard, officials from the City Council and volunteers will be working together to collect information on foreigners in Male', Villimale' and reclaimed suburb Hulhumale'. The teams will be visiting accommodation facilities under the initiative.

The City Council said information on 536 places in Male' City in which expatriates reside have been already been collected, as well as details on 51 such locations in Villimale'.

A large number of undocumented expatriates are in the Maldives, out of which most are from Bangladesh.