Pres discusses ongoing COVID-19 pandemic with Indian PM

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Monday discussed the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic with the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, over the telephone. The two leaders updated each other on their countries’ respective situations in regard to COVID-19, and on the measures they are taking in response.

The President's Office said President Solih and Prime Minister Modi discussed the precautionary steps being taken in addition to the closure of borders, mandatory social-distancing and isolating positive cases to break the chain of community transmissions. The President and Prime Minister also discussed the possibility of the Maldives securing additional assistance from India to contain the virus, said the President's Office.

In light of the economic repercussions of the ongoing virus, the two leaders also discussed measures that can be taken both bilaterally and regionally to mitigate the immediate damage, support national budgets and stimulate economies once the pandemic abates. The President reiterated his praise for Prime Minister Modi’s early initiative to establish a voluntary COVID-19 fund to financially assist the countries of South Asia as they deal with the virus, said the President's Office. He also thanked the Prime Minister for the direct assistance the Indian Government has provided the Maldives, with special reference to the evacuation of Maldivian residents in Wuhan, China, visiting medical team from India and facilitating the transfer of essential supplies from India to the Maldives.

Ending the call, President Solih wished Prime Minister Modi well in his efforts to contain the virus in his country. The Prime Minister reciprocated the same sentiments, and wished the President and the citizens of the Maldives a blessed holy month of Ramadan due to begin in a few days’ time, said the President's Office.