COVID-19: Samples collected from Himmafushi test negative

All samples collected for COVID-19 testing from Kaafu Himmafushi came back negative, the National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC) has confirmed.

Authorities collected 156 samples from the island after three people at the Drug Rehabilitation Centre on the island tested positive for the virus earlier this week. NEOC said although the rehabilitation centre was locked down following the new development, staff who work at the centre have left the building without informing the management.

Therefore, 156 random samples were collected from the island to understand the extent of transmission within the island. 37 samples were taken from the rehabilitation centre, while an equal amount was collected from Asseyri Prison on the island. 45 samples were collected from the industrial zone and an additional 38 samples were collected from the community.

All results came back negative for COVID-19.

According to NEOC, no individuals have been admitted at the rehab since 13th May. Four people were admitted on 13th, and four were admitted the previous day. One of the persons who tested positive for the virus from the rehab include a person admitted at the facility on the 13th. While two people out of the four people who admitted themselves to the facility on 13th have returned home, a positive case was identified from a household visited by one of the persons. Therefore, it is believed the virus reached the rehabilitation centre from this route, said NEOC.