Maldives' first online oratory course concluded

The first online course on oratory skills has been concluded in the Maldives.

The course was conducted by prominent orator, poet, and writer Adam Naseer Ibrahim. Naseer developed the course modules focusing on modern skills and tactics to enhance participants' thinking and skills.

The 20-hour course was held from May 6 to 20, and was successfully completed by 18 participants.

“All the participants had expressed their full satisfaction. As the instructor, I was glad to see the significant improvement in the participants’ skills. Most participants had achieved the learning objectives to a great extent. Participants delivered great lectures”, said Naseer who had judged national oratory competitions in the past.

“It was really an extraordinary experience”, said a participant of the course.

A lawyer who participated in the course said, “the course was very well developed. It was clear what had to be done and how it should be done. Based on what I leant, I feel such skills are essential for lawyers these days."

Naseer also conducted an online poetry competition in Ramadan. He has been training students on oratory skills for quite some time now. He has written speeches for some presidents, ministers, top police and army officers in the Maldives. He has also produced and hosted several TV and radio programmes that were popular among the public and worked as a trainer as well as a judge of several competitions.