Govt's housing company extends rent deferment to include June, July

Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has extended its offer to defer 30% of rent payments to include June and July.

HDC previously granted 30% deferment of rent payments on the premises the company have rented such as apartments, housing units, commercial lands, and industrial premises for the months of April and May. According to an announcement issued by HDC on Sunday, the company has decided to allow 30% of the rent amount to be deferred both in June and July as well. Therefore, the deferrment will applicable through April, May, June, and July to the tenants or leaseholders who apply for the relief through the company’s web portal. The leeway will be provided to those who have been paying rent regularly until March 31, said HDC.

The announcement further detailed that the monthly payment of 70% of the rent should be paid latest by August 15. The repayment will commence in November, and will have to be paid within 12 months. HDC stated the parties having difficulties in making the payments will be provided with some leeway upon request, as per the debt collection policy of the company.