HPA allows resort employees to return to work

The government has made arrangements for resort employees in local islands to return to their place of employment.

The Tourism Ministry on Wednesday said the ministry has been informed by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) that resort employees in islands that are not under monitoring or islands that have been removed from monitoring status for 14 days will be allowed to travel to their resorts and report for work.

Those in islands under monitoring, and islands where 14 days have not passed since the monitoring status was lifted can travel to the resorts on the condition that they complete a 14-day quarantine before reporting for work.

The Tourism Ministry has requested resort employees who wish to travel to their places of employment to share their information with the ministry.

The flourishing tourism sector of the Maldives came to an abrupt halt in March after the country closed its borders as a precaution against the COVID-19 pandemic. Most resort employees were sent home on holiday. While the government is preparing to re-open the Maldives to tourists within the current month, resorts are also making preparations to resume operation and welcome back tourists.