Expat receives appreciation certificate, gifts for returning lost money

An expatriate worker, MD Kamal Hussain, discovered MVR 100,000 on a street of Hithadhoo and handed over the money to the police station.

Police have awarded him a certificate as a token of appreciation for the honesty of the Bangladeshi national working in the Hithadhoo ward of the southernmost Addu City. The police said, to acknowledge Kamal’s honesty, a certificate of gratitude was awarded to him at a ceremony held on Wednesday.

Moreover, the owner of the money, Ali Abdul Sattar, had gifted Kamal some money and arranged one month's free meals for Kamal from his cafe’. Besides, the police said, the owner of the cash told Kamal, that if ever Kamal needs a job, he will provide it.

Kamal Hussain found the money in an envelope on a street of Hithadhoo on last Friday. He handed over the money to the police, and the police returned the money to the owner the next day.