Education Ministry instructs to use plain masks in schools

Education Ministry has announced that schools’ employees and students should use plain cloth masks without any designs during school hours.

Authorities have instructed all employees and students to use face masks as a precautionary measure against COVID-19 when schools re-open in July. Education Ministry said only surgical or plain cloth masks can be used in schools.

The Ministry said that the masks should be made with materials that are tightly knit, and it should not interfere with breathing. The outer layer of the mask should be somewhat waterproof, and the mask should cover properly cover the nose and mouth. It should not be too loose and neither too tight, and should have atleast three layers.

While preparations are ongoing to reopen schools under a 'new normal' on July 1, masks with school logos are being marketed on local business platforms. Education Ministry has stated that masks that have schools’ logos will not be allowed.

Studies will resume for grades 1 and above for the islands that are not affected by the virus while in the capital, Male’ schools will reopen for grade 9 and above.