No benefit for the public under this administration: Opposition MP

Maduvvari constituency MP Adam Shareef Umar has stated that the public has not benefited since the present administration came to power.

The former Defence Minister during President Yameen Abdul Qayyoom's tenure criticised the government in response to a tweet posted by the Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed on Friday. In his tweet, Nasheed sent greetings to the Maldives Democratic Party members and supporters on the occasion of the party’s 15th anniversary. Nasheed said they were able to win presidential elections twice over the 15 years since the establishment of the party and that all the opposition parties are divided. Nasheed is the president of MDP.

In the greeting message, Nasheed had stated that MDP was going strong and was the only party capable of achieving any feats. Responding to Nasheed's remark, Shareef said PPM brought the development that most people wished for, and expressed his confidence that the 2023 presidential election will be won by president Yameen.

Shareef further questioned whether MDP has been successful in governing the country and said the public has not benefited at all under the current administration.

“Governing the country? No benefit to the public!” said the former defence minister in his tweet.

Quoting a local idiomatic phrase Shareef said “a wooden crow cannot eat bananas'', and said PPM brought the development that most Maldivians wished for. Pledges can be fulfilled to the maximum by those who have the knowledge on how to execute the know-how, and PPM in such a party said, Shareef.