Record amount of fish exported to Europe

Maldives has exported a record amount of fish to Europe.

Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL) said a record amount of fish was exported to Europe on Wednesday via Turkish Airlines. This is the largest amount of cargo exported from Maldives this year within a single day. MACL said 35.3 tons of frozen fish and 1.1 tons of live fish were exported to Europe via the airline, giving a combined total of 36.4 tonnes of fish. 33.4 tons of fish were exported to Europe earlier on June 30.

The Maldives economy has been adversely affected due to the coronavirus pandemic that led to the closure of the country's border. Most of the economic activities were halted. However, the government has eased most of the restrictions on June 15, and businesses have resumed their normal operations. The tourism dependent archipelago is preparing to reopen its borders on July 15.