Assault cases high priority, concerned over accusations: Police

Police have expressed concern due to public's allegations that the police are not fulfilling their responsibilities in dealing with sexual assault cases. Some people have been stating that the public has been forced to take matters into their own hands due to them not getting justice through the police.

A statement issued by the police on Saturday said they have always been investigating assault cases with special attention. The statement said the police have been continuously working on taking numerous measures to raise awareness on such issues and to protect women and children.

In line with that, the police always work by taking extra care, and have been acquiring the necessary resources to address such cases, said police. High priority is given to cases in the existing strategic plan, said the police. Designated officers are trained to deal with such cases, and their skills are enhanced with time and changes to the nature of the crimes, they added.

The police further said they have conducted numerous awareness programmes and introduced convenient mechanisms for reporting sexual assault cases. Arrangements are being made to ensure the protection of the victims of such cases from the initial stages of investigations. Work is ongoing to improve such measures further, said the police. All such works are being carried out with the assistance and cooperation of relevant authorities, NGOs, international organisations, and foreign police.

Police said the responsible action would be to clarify the full information regarding any issues from the relevant authorities. While there is a great concern over the issues of assaults to children and women among the public, they urged not to spread rumours regarding such sensitive cases.

The authority assured that it has been working to protect the rights of children and women, and would not hesitate to take actions empowered within the law to combat sexual assault cases. They will provide maximum cooperation to the various stakeholders fighting against such issues, said the police.