Parliament approves new appointment to JSC

The parliament on Wednesday approved to appoint Aminath Ummu Kulsoom as a member of the Judicial Service Commission, JSC.

Five individuals applied for JSC membership from among the general public. The applications were evaluated by the Parliament’s Judiciary Committee, and Aminath Ummu Kulsoom and Adam Mighdhad were shortlisted by the committee.

During Wednesday’s sitting, a vote was taken on appointing a new member, and Ummu Kulsoom received 67 votes in her favour. No members voted against the appointment. No votes were taken for Adam Mighdhad as Ummu Kulsoom received the required number of votes for appointment.

Ummu Kulsoom was working at the Heritage Ministry until December 31, 2019. She has previously filled the position of Director General at the Youth Ministry.

The JSC is comprised of ten members, including the Speaker of the Parliament, a judge of the Supreme Court, a judge of the High Court, a judge of the Lower Courts, a member of the Parliament, a member of the general public, the President of the Civil Service Commission, a person appointed by the President, the Attorney General, and a lawyer elected from among the lawyers licensed to practice in the Maldives.