Vehicle movements prohibited from 8pm to 5am

The government on Saturday banned vehicle movements in capital Male’ from 2000hrs to 0500hrs in a bid to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Speaking at a press conference held by the Health Emergency Operations Centre, HEOC Inspector of Police Abdulla Shareef said vehicle movement in Male’, Hulhumale’ and Villimale’ will be banned after 2000hrs effective from August 23. A fine of MVR 1,000 will be imposed on those found in violation of the ban after the first warning. If found to have violated the ban thrice, the vehicle will be towed, said the police. The vehicle will be released only after the fine is paid.

Although vehicle movements have been restricted, the public is allowed to go outside until 2200hrs. However, police will be actively monitoring the roads to identify any vehicles being used on the roads.

The police also encouraged all shops to close by 2130hrs so that all employees can return to their homes by the 2200hrs curfew. Employees will have to return home on foot, said the police. The police said arrangements should be made such that all pending deliveries are completed before 2000hrs.