COVID-19: Most frontliners testing positive work at the airport

The Health Emergency Operations Centre (HEOC) has stated that the number of frontliners testing positive for COVID-19 are on the rise.

Speaking at a press conference held Saturday night, Dr. Ibrahim Afzal from HEOC said the most number of frontliners testing positive for the virus are those working at the airport. The second-most number of cases are among health personnel, after which comes police and MNDF officers. However, the exact figures were not disclosed as per the current regulations. Dr. Afzal added that the number of cases were increasing at the specific entities as a large number of people work together in group settings.

Dr. Afzal further noted that the number of people testing positive for COVID-19 from the high-risk category are also increasing. The rising number of pregnant women testing positive for the virus is a cause for concern, said the doctor. A special wing at Dharumavantha Hospital’s 16th floor has been dedicated to treat pregnant women infected with COVID-19.

The Maldives has recorded 7,578 positive cases thus far, out of which 2,619 cases are currently active. Out of these, 184 patients are currently hospitalised, most of whom are elderly patients.