Parliament concludes second session; 68 percent of tasks completed

The 19th Parliament concluded its second session on Sunday after completing 68 percent of the work tasked to the parliament.

Giving an overview of the work completed by the parliament during its the second session, Deputy Speaker, Eva Abdulla said the parliament worked on 21 laws during the term.

“During this term, the parliament worked on 21 laws, 9 resolutions, 18 issues submitted by the government, 11 issues submitted by the Parliament Secretariat and 16 emergency motions,” summarized Eva.

Work on three issues submitted by parliament members, and 29 reports on other issues had been carried out in addition to directing 30 questions to cabinet ministers. 68 percent of the work tasked to the parliament was concluded before the end of the term, she noted.

Acknowledging the dedicated work done by the parliament staff even in the midst of a global pandemic, Eva thanked the parliament staff for their hard work on behalf of all members. Further noting that the Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU) had also acknowledged the Maldives’ progress, Eva said the union described ithe Maldives parliament’s efforts an an example to other parliaments.

“As you would know, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the globe, when parliaments were forced to shut down, when it became unsafe for people to meet each other, the first virtual parliamentary sitting was held [by the Maldives parliament],” said MP Eva.

The 19th parliament was originally scheduled to conclude its second session last week. However, the term was extended as the task of approving newly appointed Tourism Minister, Dr. Abdulla Mausoom was still pending. The parliament will reconvene next month after a one month holiday.