Hoadedhdhoo case: 13 negatives tests, 86 pending

Health Emergency Operations Centre (HEOC) on Monday revealed that 13 COVID-19 samples taken from Hoadedhdhoo island came back negative.

Speaking at a press conference held by HEOC on Monday, the centre’s spokesperson Dr. Nazla Rafeeq said 25 positive cases have been reported from the island thus far. While efforts are underway to identify all those infected with COVID-19 in the island, samples are being taken to ensure that the infection has not reached Madaveli island, which is linked to Hoadedhdhoo via a causeway.

Dr. Nazla said 111 contacts linked to the 25 positive cases have been identified via contact tracing and that 147 samples have been collected from both the island. This includes 61 samples from Madaveli, and 86 samples from Hoadedhdhoo, said Nazla. The 13 samples of which the results have been received were all negative, she added.

The doctor said all precautionary measures implemented in the current epicentre, capital Male’ have been imposed on Hoadedhdhoo due to the spike in infections. Shops, cafes and restaurants on the island are temporarily closed.

“We urge the residents of the island not to leave their homes except for essential needs. It is especially important to use masks when leaving the home,” said Nazla.

Nazla added that the State Trading Organization (STO) has sent stockpiles of food, gas, medicines and other medical equipment to the island.

A wide investigation has been launched to identify how COVID-19 reached Hoadedhdhoo. Special measures are being taken to curb further spread of the virus.