Bid process must be completed for all contracts: ACC to govt

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has requested the Finance Ministry to remove a clause in the Public Finance Act that allows projects to be awarded without going through the bid process.

According to an amendment brought to the Public Finance Act in 2017, the government has the authority to award projects to government-owned companies, or government aligned corporate societies or national organizations without going through the bid process. ACC has expressed concerns regarding the clause over several occasions, noting that the arrangement could pave way for acts of corruption, and cause losses to the state treasury.

Speaking to AVAS, ACC’s Spokesperson said the request to scrap the clause has been officially requested at the Finance Ministry.

The previous administration also awarded some projects foregoing the bid process. The current administration has also awarded some projects under the same arrangement, including mega projects such as the reclamation of Gulhifalhu. Last year, the government revealed that it received over 130 proposals to carry out projects under similar arrangements.