All 120 random samples from Kulhuduffushi test negative

All random samples tested from Kulhudhuffushi City returned negative, the Health Emergency Operation Centre, HEOC said on Thursday.

Kulhudhuffushi Regional Hospital collected 120 random samples for COVID-19 testing to determine the extent of community transmission in the city. HEOC said samples were collected from 25 households and 35 samples were collected from among foreigners. 17 people who work in shops were also tested along with 24 restaurant workers, 11 taxi drivers and 10 boat crewmen. All tested negative for the virus.

The only city besides capital Male’ which has a community spread of COVID-19 is Kulhudhuffushi City. A large number of police officers stationed at the city as well as several people completing home quarantine had tested positive for the virus. Kulhudhuffushi Regional Hospital said the cooperation of the public is necessary in its efforts to determine the extent of transmission.

18 police officers had traveled to the city and some other northern islands from the capital earlier on September 23. The positive cases started emerging in Kulhudhuffushi from then on. The first police officer with COVID-19 was identified on October 6, and a second case was identified the next day. Two additional officers tested positive on the third day.

A police officer linked to the cluster tested positive from Sh. Foakaidhoo later on October 8, and an additional case was identified in Dhidhdhoo island on October 10. Five additional cases were registered in Kulhudhuffushi on October 15 and 16.