'Over 25,500 students were affected in the tsunami disaster'

Over 25,000 students were affected in the 2004 tsunami disaster, Education Minister said Thursday.

In her address on the occasion of ‘Tsunami Awareness Day’, Education Minister Dr. Aishath Ali said a total of 25,593 students were affected in the 2014 incident. While 108 deaths were recorded in the Maldives, this figure includes 33 students, said the minister.

While the Education sector alone suffered damages worth USD 15.5 million, the minister said 315 schools were open across Maldives when the disaster struck the archipelago. Out of these, 114 schools received several damages in the disaster, with nine schools completely destroyed. 31 schools received significant damages, and furniture and equipment in 24 schools were damaged.

“28 schools across Maldives were used as temporary shelters following the incident. The tsunami affected 25,593 students in different ways. 5,430 students could not seek education due to damages that destroyed their schools. 1,321 students were forced to live at temporary shelters,” said the minister.