Sidhrathulla's death: Family rejects postmortem report

The family of Sidhrathulla Ahmed has rejected the post mortem report on his death.

Sidhrathulla was found dead in the waters near IGMH on October 23. Several injuries were discovered on his body, and the police suspected unnatural causes as the cause of his death. The body was sent to neighbouring India on October 2nd to conduct a postmortem to determine the cause of his death.

The police on Sunday said the preliminary report on his death had listed drowning as the primary cause of death. The injuries found on his body are likely to have been received while the deceased’s body was in the water following his death, said the report. The police said it is also known that traces of drugs were in his system at the time of his death.

The family of the deceased claims Sidhrathulla was murdered and dumped at sea. Rejecting the report, Sidhrathulla’s mother, Sheereen Shihaab said the findings of the post mortem report are false, adding that the family was not aware that Sidhrathulla used drugs. She said that the Sidhrathulla had acted strangely three days prior to his death, which had led her to ask him if he was being troubled by anyone.

Sheereen said although the post mortem report said Sidhrathulla passed away due to drowning, the signs that show on a person who had drowned were not apparent on Sidhrathulla’s body. While a drowned person’s stomach is usually bloated, Sidhrathulla’s body showed no such signs, and the area below his waist had bluish bruises, said his mother. While his nose was not intact, part of his left eye looked as if it had been dug out by force, she described. While his upper lip was also missing, his teeth looked as if it had been knocked inward as a result of a sharp blow, she added. Signs that his arms had been held tightly behind him were visible, in addition to other signs that make it clear that something had been tied to his body waist down, said Sheereen.