Not all tourists need a beach to enjoy their holiday: Nasheed

Speaker of the Parliament and former president of the Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed has stated that not all tourists who visit the Maldives wish to sunbathe on the pristine white beaches of the archipelago, and highlighted the need to sell other aspects of Maldivian tourism.

While the Parliament’s Committee of the Whole House is currently assessing the amendments proposed to the Tourism Act in a bid to increase tourism revenue, some lawmakers representing southernmost Addu City noted that their regions do not have the sandy white beaches and natural beauty that other regions of the archipelago are blessed with. They called on the government to facilitate home stay and local tourism arrangements.

Responding to these sentiments, Nasheed said while the natural composition of Addu is different from the rest of the country, Addu city still possesses one of the most beautiful features of the Maldives. However, while it is the norm to sell beach holidays, Nasheed pointed out that the natural beauty of Addu still remains untapped and unutilized. The flora and fauna of the Maldives are also interesting features that visitors would be interested in, said Nasheed. Tourism is promoted in other countries while including these aspects, he added.