Gender Ministry investigates complaints of harassment against flying school students

Authorities are investigating complaints of harassment and bullying against the students enrolled at the Addu Flying School.

The Gender Ministry Wednesday said a letter sent by students enrolled at the ‘Asian Academy of Aeronautics’ was shared with the ministry by the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation. The letter outlines incidents of harassment and bullying faced by the students, and the incidents are now being investigated, said Gender Ministry. Said letter was shared with the ministry on December 27, 2020, they added.

Complaints that the local students enrolled at the flying school face discrimination, and that students are being wrongfully expelled have been getting louder over the past few weeks. Seevral complaints that students have to pay the school fees in USD have also been filed with authorities. However, the issues have not been effectively addressed thus far, with only strict warnings being issued against the school by the Transport Ministry.