Being male no longer to be a requirement to run for Adhaalath presidency

Religiously conservative Adhaalath Party’s President, Home Minister Sheikh Imran Abdulla has proposed a revision to the party's regulations that would allow for women to run for party presidency.

In a tweet posted on Tuesday, Imran said being a male was listed as a requirement to run for party presidency when the party’s charters were first compiled as the party leadership at the time had wished for the top posts of the party to be held exclusively by men.

However, a revision has now been proposed to the party’s regulations such that women are allowed to run for party presidency, in order to increase the opportunities available to women in the party’s leadership, said Imran. The amendment was proposed after discussion with the party’s officials and religious scholars, and with the signatures of the seven members of advisory council of the party, said Imran.

Adhaalath Party is preparing to hold its internal elections on January 23.