Agreement signed to establish high-speed ferry network

An agreement has been signed between Maldives government and the Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) to establish a high speed ferry network in the Maldives.

The agreement was signed at a special ceremony held on Sunday. The agreement was signed by Director General of Planning Ministry, Fathmath Shana on behalf of the Maldives government, and by CEO Adam Azim on behalf of MTCC.

The Integrated National Public Ferry Network is a large scale project that introduces efficient, affordable, convenient and sustainable passenger and cargo ferry services to all administrative islands of the country. In line with the Decentralization Act, it aims to facilitate inclusive regional development by connecting people and services, accelerate economic and social growth, improve efficiency in the delivery of public services and improve mobility and accessibility for all citizens in all areas of the nation.

Ferry services will first commence in the island of Ha., HDh. and Sh. atoll under the newly signed project. Managing Director of MTCC, Adam Azim said the service will be available latest by September this year. The project aims to establish the complete ferry network within the next three years.

The proposed network classifies six central regions, as identified in the National Spatial Plan (2020-2040), and would provide two separate networks for passenger transit and movement of goods and services (cargo ferry) within and in between the regions—linking maritime transport with land and air transport. The ferry network would connect islands within the areas and between areas via three types of links; commute links, non-commute links and highway links.