Monthly allowance to be provided for families relocating to islands

The government will be providing assistance in building homes, buying furniture and will provide an additional monthly allowance of MVR 3,000 to families who wish to relocate to islands from capital Male'.

The Gender Ministry earlier this week announced plans to assist families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and are facing challenges in residing in the capital. In this regard, a budget of MVR 26.7 million has been allocated to help 500 such families every year.

The Gender Ministry on Thursday published the guidelines on providing government assistance to such families.

According to the guideline, families who relocate will be provided a monthly ‘Establishment Support Allowance’ of MVR 3,000 for a duration of six months. The financial assistance will help cover the cost of relocation and one way travel. Families with atleast one child below the age of 18 years can qualify for this allowance. The percentage of assistance they receive depends on the number of family members, their financial circumstance, and the island they wish to relocate to.

Additionally, the government will also provide a percentage of the renovation costs based on the state of their land or home and their financial circumstance, as well as part of the costs incurred to buy furniture and other items needed for the home. Furniture in this instance include bed frames, mattresses, tables, wardrobes, etc.

The government will also provide assistance in securing placement in local schools for the school-aged children moving to islands. The state will also assist in securing job opportunities for those who relocate, via the job centre.

Additionally, loan assistance will also be provided to start small businesses and home-based businesses, and to buy equipment needed to start a business. Additional assistance will be facilitated through other government entities for families caring for persons with disabilities.