17-year old stabbed to death in Maamendhoo

A 17-year old boy was stabbed to death in Ga. Maamendhoo late Monday night. According to the police, the stabbing was the result of a gang fight.

The boy who passed away in the incident has been identified as Ahmed Udhayyu. One other individual was injured in the fight, and is receiving treatment at Villingili Hospital. While he is in critical condition, he is the sibling of the deceased boy.

Commissioner of Police, Mohamed Hameed said the case has been handed over to the Serious and Organized Crime Department of the police. A team from the department is now active in Maamendhoo. The police have requested public cooperation in investigating the case.

Some sources who spoke from Maamendhoo said the altercations are believed to be due to a drug-related dispute. While drug issues are a serious concern in Maamendhoo, the public has been expressing concern over the lack of action by state institutions regarding the drug situation in Maamendhoo.

Three suspects have now been taken into police custody in relation to the stabbing. They are local males aged 18, 23 and 27.