Int'l airport to be established in Huvadhu atoll by end of 2023

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has stated that an international airport will be established in Huvadhu Atoll before the end of 2023. The president made the statement during a virtual meeting with main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)’s candidates competing for Huvadhu atoll seats in the upcoming local council election, and their campaign teams.

During the meeting, the candidates competing for seats from the atoll’s northern islands highlighted the needs of the islands, and reminded the president of his pledge to develop an international airport in the atoll.

Acknowledging the reminder, the president assured that the pledge would be fulfilled during the current presidential term. However, an island on which the airport will be developed has not yet been decided, said the president.

President Solih noted that the government had done a lot for Huvadhu atoll over the past year, and stated that MVR 169 million was spent on PSIP projects focused on the atoll. The president further noted that 494 students from the atoll are studying under government sponsorship. 989 individuals in Ga. atoll have received over MVR 14 million as income support allowance, and SME loans amounting to MVR 31 million have been issued to 18 individuals from the atoll, said the president.

President Solih also said while the government has commenced high-speed ferry services in the north, the government is preparing to commence the same service in the South, starting with Huvadhu Atoll. The president also noted the details of projects carried out in the islands of the atoll.