'Hiyaa' flats to be handed over in March

Housing Minister Mohamed Aslam has stated that the social housing flats under the Hiyaa Housing Project will be handed over to its recipients within the next month.

Speaking at a press conference held by the President’s Office on Wednesday, Minister Aslam said the flats will be ready for handover by the end of March.

“Although the flats are ready for handover, it will not be ready for occupancy. We will grant a period of three months with no rent charged to prepare the space for occupancy. The finishing works of the flats are incomplete, tiling work has not been done, and doors will need to be installed,” said the minister.

Aslam added that the details of the flat recipients will need to be confirmed prior to handover. The details will be validated within two to three weeks, said the minister.

The government will be checking whether flat recipients previously received housing under any government schemes. Moreover, in the case of married couples, if both the husband and wife have applied and qualified for social housing, the government will ensure that only one unit is issued to the couple. As for Male’ residents, the government will ensure that recipients do not have land larger than 600 square feet in the capital.