Design, build of 15 water and sewerage systems handed over

The establishment of water and sanitation systems in 15 islands under the design and build system have been handed over to five companies.

Both water and sewerage systems are being established in Aa. Bodufulhadhoo, GDh. Rathafandhoo, Th. Omadhoo, HDh. Naivaadhoo, Dh. Rinbidhoo and Ga. Koney. Water systems are being established in Dh. Maaenboodhoo, Ha. Utheem, F. Feeali, R. Rasgetheemu, Th. Burunee, Th. Veymandhoo, R. Maakurathu, Dh. Hulhudheli and L. Dhanbidhoo.

The total value of the projects is MVR 407،145،030.01. The projects were handed over to Duplex Private Limited, Micron Private Limited, Altec Maldives Private Lmited, Marctec Maldives Private Limited ansd SAS-E Construction Private Limited.

The government has made a national strategic plan on water and sewerage. The government hopes to commence water and sewerage projects in all islands without such systems by the end of the year.