Main-ruling MDP issues three-line whip to remove cabinet minister

Main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has introduced a three-line whip to pass a no-confidence motion against Science and Technology Minister, Mohamed Maleeh Jamal.

14 members of MDP’s Parliamentary Group signed and submitted a no-confidence motion against Minister Maleeh on February 14th. However, the legal notice sent to the Minister was sent back, stating that the information on the notice was incomplete.

The no-confidence motion was filed against the minister stating that the Communication Authority had failed to make rules on regulating the communication industry, as well as for failing to bring down the cost of internet in the Maldives.

43 votes are required to pass a no-confidence motion against a cabinet minister. A minister must be given the opportunity to respond to the allegations against him prior to the vote. Maleeh’s no confidence motion has been included on the agenda for Monday’s parliament sitting.