Elly's Birthday Wish: Stand up against bullying!

Youth Minister Ahmed Mahloof and wife’ Nazra Naseem’s daughter, Laiba Ahmed Mahloof, more commonly known as Elly, is an up and coming local talent. Elly is a super student who shines academically, and has won several local singing and ‘Madaha’ competitions. Her popularity on social media platforms are increasing day by day.

With the help of her parents, Elly has released several songs recorded in her own voice on important occasions. The songs, coupled with modern videography based on unique concepts, are popular among listeners.

Elly celebrated her 8th birthday on March 3rd. As on other special occasions, Elly recorded and released a song on her birthday. The song featuring anti-bullying sentiments gave the important message to stand up against bullying.

Hamoodh, a local singer who debuted on Maldivian idol, sang alongside Elly in her special song. The videography of the song was done by Light Out, and music was composed by Beatology Studio. Elly’s parents, Mahlood and Nazra makes an appearance in the video, as well as a large number of children.

Elly and her father earlier released a song on the occasion of the Victory Day. The video song released by the father-daughter duo is also hugely popular.