New academic year to begin in August

Education Minister Dr. Aishath Ali has announced that the new academic year will begin in August every year.

Speaking at a meeting held to share information on the academic calendar, Minister Aishath Ali said the end of year holidays will now be moved up to late June or early July. Students and teachers will get a break of two to three weeks in December.

With this change, the O' level examinations which were previously held during October / November will be held on May/June henceforth. The change will allow students who finish O' level examination to move on to A' level education at a faster pace. Students had to wait a significant amount of time before commencing A' level studies under the previous arrangement.

The minister said the Education Ministry researched the benefits of the new changes before implementing the change. According to the ministry’s findings, the new changes would provide more international opportunities for students as the new calendar is in line with international calendars, she added.