'Former gov't attempted to weaken Adhaalath Party'

Leader of Adhaalath Party and Home Minister Imran Abdulla has stated that the former government wished to bring an end to Adhaalath Party, and that its main aim was to weaken the party. Imran made comment while speaking at the opening ceremony of the party’s third congress on Friday night.

Speaking during the virtual ceremony, Imran said Former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom’s government forced several senior members of Adhaalath Party to leave the party, including the party’s former Vice President Dr. Mauroof. Imran said the government brought changes such that parties that do not meet a 10,000 membership registry do not qualify for state funding in a bid to further weaken the party. The government also meddled with the party’s membership affairs and made it harder to run the party, Imran alleged.

Imran further said that the current government plays an important role in the party. Noting that officials from Adhaalath are in government positions as ministers, state ministers, deputy ministers and as senior officials of state-owned companies, Imran said 25 individuals who belong to Adhaalath are in different political posts.

Adhaalath Party is part of the ruling coalition.