Social distancing measures at congregational prayers lifted

The Islamic Ministry has revoked social distancing measures imposed on congregational prayers performed at mosques in the Greater Male' Region.

The government imposed social distancing measures at local mosques on March 1st after a surge in COVID-19 infections in Male'. Islamic Minister, Dr. Ahmed Zahir Ali Friday announced that the measures will come to an end effective from Maqrib prayers. However, worshippers are encouraged to continue taking precautionary measures despite the easement of social distancing measures, said the minister.

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) gave sudden easements to strict measures imposed in Male' City on Thursday, although the daily number of cases in the city still remains high. The curfew imposed on the city has been lifted, and restaurants and cafes and other such establishments are now allowed to continue serving its customers as per the usual pre-COVID-19 service hours, among other easements.