Four years on, family of slain blogger continues to seek justice

Four years have passed since social media activist and blogger, Yamin Rasheed was brutally murdered. There are no doors that his family has not knocked on seeking justice for his death, there are no institutions that the family has not written to in their bid to seek justice.

Yamin was murdered in the stairwell of his home on the night of April 23, 2017. Charges of assaulting a person with a sharp object with intent to kill have been raised against Ismail Haisham Rasheed, Hussain Ziyad, Ismail Rasheed, Hassan Shifaz, Mohamed Dhifran and Ahmed Zihan Ismail in connection to Yamin’s murder.

The trial of those accused of his murder is ongoing at the Criminal Court. However, the hearings are proceeding at a slow face and this is the main concern of Yamin's family. The most recent hearing was held sometime last month.

While the trial is ongoing, there are some challenges to summoning and presenting witnesses and the attendance of lawyers. Even the Criminal Court has acknowledged the issues, and drew up a time table meant to help expedite the case and conclude it within 2019. However, all witness statements have not been recorded yet.

The family has raised concerns regarding the case and questioned whether they would ever receive justice. They have also expressed doubts regarding the presidential commission formed by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih to investigate murders and enforced disappearances.

A statement issued by the commission on Friday said the commission is closely monitoring the progress of the court case, and ensuring that there is no influence on the court process. The commission said it hopes for a swift conclusion to the case and for the family to finally receive justice.

Although the commission continues to reiterate their dedication to the case, the public does not seem to have much confidence in the commission. It has been many months since the commission's president and some members resigned from the commission, and no replacements have been appointed in their place to date.