LCE: 400 seats to MDP, 325 seats to PPM

The Elections Commission (EC) has announced the final results of the Local Council Election held on April 10th.

Main ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) secured 400 seats in the election while opposing Progressive Party of Maldives won 325 seats. While 804 candidates from MDP contested in the election, their success percentage is 43.

MDP won mayoral seats of three cities. They are Kulhudhuffushi, Addu and Fuvahmulah City. The party won 14 seats from City Councils. Candidates from MDP were elected as Atoll council presidents for 11 atolls while 71 candidates were elected as island council presidents. 155 candidates form the party were elected as council members. The party attained majority vote in 71 islands.

While the opposition brought fourth 646 candidates for the election, 50 percent of the candidates won the election. This amounts of 325 seats, and includes important seats such Male' City mayorship and 11 seats on Male' city council. The party won 16 seats in total from city councils.

PPM members were elected as atoll council presidents for seven atolls while 51 candidates bagged the island council presidency. 121 candidates representing PPM won council membership. The party was successful in assuring the majority of 64 islands.

115 candidates from Ruing coalition's partner, Jumhooree Party contested in the Election. Out of these, 26 candidates were successful, winning one seat on Male' city council, council presidency of three islands and seven elected as council members. The party holds majority in three councils.

20 candidates from Maldives Development Alliance (MDA) also contested in the election out of which 16 were elected. 13 out of Adhaalath Party's 28 candidates were also elected.

Independent candidates won several seats in this year's election. While 600 candidates ran independently, 173 were elected. This includes three city council seats, 36 island council presidencies and 71 council memberships. Majority in 31 islands lies with independent candidates.

Majorities were not attained in F., GDh., Ha., HDh. and Th. atoll. Although PPM failed to attain majority in GDh. and Th. atoll, most of the elected members are from PPM. Similarly, while MDP failed to attain majority in Ha. and HDh. atoll, most of the elected officials are from MDP.