May 6 blast suspects remanded into custody

The three suspects arrested in connection to the May 6 blast that left Speaker and former President of Maldives Mohamed Nasheed injured have been remanded into custody.

Speaking to the press following the arrest of the main suspect believed to be involved in the case, the police said all three individuals who were arrested over the past 48 hours have been remanded into custody for 15 days. The three individuals arrested are Mujaaz Ahmed, 21 from K. Male', Thahumeen Ahmed, 32 from Ga. Kondey and Adhduam Ahmed from GDh. Thinadhoo. Adhuham is believed to be the main suspect of the case and the person who set off the explosion. All three people have previous records involving drugs and theft, and are believed to support extremist belief.

The police arrested Adhuham Ahmed, 26, GDh. Thinadhoo form his place of residence in reclaimed suburb Hulhumale' early Sunday morning. He was apprehended after a member of the public came forward with information regarding his whereabouts. Police Commissioner Mohamed Hameed said Adhuham had unsuccessfully attempted to change his appearance by trimming his beard and shaving his head in order to throw off the police.

The police released CCTV footage that showed Adhuham in the blast area right before the explosion. In the footage, he seen speaking on the phone leaning against a wall with one foot resting on the wall. The police said the footprint on the wall matched Adhuham's footprint. It is also confirmed that Adhuham was in contact with the two other suspects arrested.

The police also publicized CCTV footage that showed the route which Adhuham took after the blast. It showed that he had gone to Zikuraa Mosque where he waited for some time, and later met with suspect, Mujaaz. He returned to his place of residence early Saturday morning after sunrise.

Nasheed was taken to ADK Hospital Thursday night after he sustained several injuries in an explosion near his residence in Male'. According to the Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF), the blast occurred when an IED strapped to a motorcycle detonated. Multiple critical surgeries were performed on Nasheed at ADK Hospital, and he remains in the Intensive Care Unit.